About Us

Sterilize & Dry so the Germs Don't Multiply

OzoDry sterilizer and dryer solves the problem of wet smelly gear in an efficient and natural way. Owner Ryan Culbreath, a former Division-I football player describes OzoDry's impact: "OzoDry gives everyday people a high quality and efficient option to keep their gear clean and dry. The option to disinfect/sterilize with ozone is a game changer and that's what differentiates it from other products. In 2020, people are still using odor balls, newspaper, and fans to dry their gear. Let's be honest, we clean our clothes, so why not our shoes?" 

The search for a solution came to Ryan after his playing days. Still working out daily, he had a trunk full of workout gear that would stink bad enough to fill up the car. Realizing he's had hundreds of teammates and opponents over the years dealing with the same issue, laid the foundation for OzoDry. The sun helps to dry but doesn't kill the smell. The washing machine was not the best option because over time it strips the fabric/material of shoes and gloves. There had to be a product out there to clean shoes and gear without damaging the material. 

Product Development

The market is full of powders, odor balls, sprays, pads, and deodorants. After a few uses, these end up lost or found years later in storage. Through research he found that the horrific smell our gear produces is from the combination of fungi and bacteria. Ozone is well known in many industries to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and harnessing that cleaning power would be key. From that point, several athletes and active families were commissioned for product testing. Their feedback contributed to the initial product development and led to today's newest OzoDry model. 

Clean your shoes and gear from the inside out

The hygienic use of the device is what people have gravitated to and that's what has allowed the product to reach into different markets. Direct feedback over the years of testing led to the optimization of the device, giving us the newest model to date. Ozone sterilization for up to 30 minutes, updated software, detachable vents for helmets, and a cover bag are the latest additions. From athletes of all ages/levels to construction workers, OzoDry delivers the value and quality promised! Clean your shoes from the inside out and keep it moving!

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